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Potential Vaccination Risks PDF Print E-mail
Written by admin   
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 13:30


Dear Parents and Grandparents, We are writing this letter as concerned parents, grandparents, physicians, health professionals, and clergy for the health and well-being of our children, grandchildren, and also ourselves. Everything reported here, either from direct scientific papers or explicit written reports by reputable leaders, is based on fact—not rumor or myth. The scientific research below, which suggests the upcoming live virus squalene adjuvant swine flu vaccination may be compromising to the health and well-being of you and your loved ones, is overwhelming. The costs—including life-threatening, life-crippling side effects and death—are high; the theoretical benefits are questionable—at best. Our interest is that you have enough valid scientific data to make an informed choice in the best interest of the health of yourself and your children. The decision of whether or not to vaccinate is a personal one. Every parent should be allowed full freedom to accept or reject vaccines for their children and themselves. We should be allowed the privilege of “informed consent,” the same as with any medical procedure that includes the possibility of adverse reactions. Parents are ultimately responsible for their own health and the health of their children.

1. The proposed swine flu squalene adjuvant live virus vaccination is neither adequately or sufficiently tested, nor proven effective or safe; is uninsurable, can stimulate the onset of a variety of debilitating auto-immune diseases, and is a serious assault on the immune system.

At issue is what we consider to be the serious deception and general misinformation about the safety of the impending live virus swine flu vaccine, which is neither adequately tested nor safe, although the so-called “researchers” have publicly declared it safer than the regular flu vaccine before even beginning the testing process. They may be right in that the regular flu vaccine was anything but safe. There were an average of 8,364 adverse reactions to the flu vaccine reported to the federal government in 2007 and 2008. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a passive reporting system, notorious for under-representing true reaction rates. Passive reporting systems may capture just 1 percent or less of true damage to recipients of pharmaceutical drugs (as noted by David Kessler, former head of the FDA). Based on the VAERS data, calculations suggest an average of 850,000 life threatening, life crippling side effects, or deaths associated with all vaccinations given per year based on an extrapolation of the CDC data. Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, Director of the Initiative for Vaccine Research at the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters, even stated herself that vaccines “do induce adverse reactions and this can be the case as well for adjuvanted vaccines and non-adjuvanted vaccines.” She also said the vaccine safety data is, for certain populations, significantly lacking; and for quite a few populations, there is no data at all to verify the safety of vaccines—including children, those over 65, pregnant mothers, and asthmatics.

Dr. Kieny actually says that she doesn’t even know what the proportions of the ingredients are in the 4.9 billion vaccines they are about to inject into people. There have been no complete clinical trials for a medical product that is about to be administered on mass to pregnant women and children. There literally is no data for this vaccine as per its use in children, pregnant women, and asthmatics. There is a considerable amount of data with squalene in Gulf War vets receiving both an experimental anthrax vaccine and experimental HIV vaccine. It is highly associated with at least 300,000 vets who have made permanent claims for total disability. Animal research also supports these findings.

As reported in the Irish Times, the Lancet recently stated: “Countries need to assess carefully the risks and benefits of the rapid approval of a human swine flu vaccine to avoid repeat of past problems with mass-vaccination.” According to the London Evening Standard, WHO officials have warned that H1N1 vaccines may be unsafe. The Institute of Science and Society has said that the vaccines will be far more deadly than the swine flu, and that mass vaccinations are a recipe for disaster.

The new swine flu live virus vaccine could be more dangerous than "seasonal" flu vaccines because some of them are using new technologies, and all of them are being fast-tracked, reducing testing periods and safety requirements before licensing occurs. As mentioned earlier, the doctor responsible for overseeing the trials has already claimed the shot is "really as safe, actually if not safer," than previous flu vaccines. That's a curious statement considering he is still recruiting test subjects and the trials have not yet begun. This is anything but a scientific attitude and certainly does not inspire confidence in the found results—especially if they are already predetermined.

2. The swine flu vaccine contains dangerous & life-threatening fillers, including adjuvants such as squalene, animal tissues, which may include pig tissue, viral and bacterial proteins, and live viruses—all of which contain pig DNA.

The contents of this live swine flu virus vaccine injection are cause for concern. One of the most dangerous substances contained in this injection is squalene. There are over two-dozen animal studies that show squalene’s ability to induce severe autoimmunity. Research at this point suggests squalene is heavily associated with the debilitating and life-destroying Gulf War Syndrome. Because of this, there is a serious risk of a Gulf War Syndrome outbreak amongst the vaccinated general public. Of course, this autoimmune syndrome will not show up after one week of human vaccine trials, nor will autism, Guillain–Barre syndrome (a demyelization of the nervous system that can paralyze a person from the neck down), or an assortment of autoimmune disorders including type 1 diabetes. In one study of over 100,000 vaccinated children in Finland, there was a 147% increase in the rate of type 1 diabetes in those vaccinated. The lack of sufficient testing on this experimental live virus vaccine raises many concerns. There are no criteria on its efficacy or valid statistics to speak of. During the 1976 swine flu scare, the swine flu vaccine itself killed hundreds & sickened countless others, and had an unusually high rate of Guillain-Barre Syndrome associated with it.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? says the swine-bird-human flu strain, reported to be found first in Mexico in late-March 2009, most likely came from Dr. James S. Robertson and his colleagues in association with the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and vaccine manufacturer Novavax, Inc., which was ready to profit from the release. Nobody else takes H5N1 Asian-flu infected chickens, takes them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in some swine-flu genes from pigs, then reverse engineers them to infect humans, he said. True Ott, PhD., N.D. also gives evidence of this being a laboratory generated virus, and associates the origin of this lab-generated flu with Novartis International AG, which happens to be the world’s largest multinational pharmaceutical company. He feels the key figure in making this lab-generated virus is Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger. What is key to this understanding is that two researchers have made a very strong case for this being a laboratory-created virus.

Some of the new H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines are going to be made by Novartis. These shots will probably be made in PER.C6 cells (human retina cells) and contain MF59, a potentially debilitating adjuvant. MF-59 is an oil-based adjuvant primarily composed of squalene. All rats injected with squalene (oil) adjuvants developed a disease that left them crippled, dragging their paralyzed hindquarters across their cages. Injected squalene can cause severe arthritis and severe immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus.

Reference (1): Kenney, RT. Edleman, R. "Survey of human-use adjuvants." Expert Review of Vaccines. 2 (2003) p171.
Reference (2): Matsumoto, Gary. Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GI’s Are Only the First Victims of this Vaccine. New York: Basic Books. P54.

LIST OF VACCINE FILLERS & ADJUVENTS: This list, officially administered by design with every vaccine provided to the public, in addition to the squalene that appears to be in this upcoming swine flu vaccine, is of great concern to many parents and grandparents, with the announcement that they will start vaccinating children and pregnant women first and then “wait to see if there are too many adverse events” (including seizures, neurological problems, and death).

In addition to the viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, here are the fillers:

• Aluminum hydroxide - directly linked to causing Alzheimer's disease
• Aluminum phosphate - directly linked to causing Alzheimer's disease
• Ammonium sulfate - an inorganic chemical compound used as fertilizer and "protein purifier"; known to cause kidney & liver damage, gastrointestinal dysfunctions
• Amphotericin B - an "antifungal disinfectant" and anti-biotic, which damages the urinary tract, bowels, and heart functions
• Animal tissues (a causal element for all the various auto-immune diseases associated with vaccination): horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, Porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein (the pig protein/tissue is an additional objectionable issue for Jewish and Muslim people)
• Calf (bovine) serum & fetal bovine serum (cow blood is recognized as a significant transmitter of Mad Cow Disease)
• Betapropiolactone
• Formaldehyde - used as "a preservative & disinfectant", known to cause cancer, chronic bronchitis, eye irritation when exposed to the body's immune system
• Formalin
• Gelatin
• Glycerol
• Human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
• Hydrolyzed gelatin
• Monosodium glutamate (MSG) - now known to cause cancer in humans, also linked to obesity
• Neomycin (anti-biotic)
• Neomycin sulfate (anti-biotic)
• Phenol red indicator - a highly toxic disinfectant dye, attributed to liver, kidney, heart & respiratory damage
• Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) - proven to have extreme neurotoxic side effects
• Potassium diphosphate
• Potassium monophosphate
• Polymyxin B
• Polysorbate 20
• Polysorbate 80 – associated with infertility when injected
• Residual MRC5 proteins
• Sorbitol
• Sucrose
• Thimerosal (mercury) - a neurotoxin linked to psychological, neurological, & immunological problems—especially autism. Nervous system damage (such as sub-acute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), brachial plexitis, post-vaccinal encephalitis, transverse myelitis and peripheral neuropathies), kidney disease, birth defects, dental problems, mood swings, mental changes, hallucinations, memory loss, and inability to concentrate can occur. Symptoms also include tremors, loss of dermal sensitivity, slurred speech, and—in rare cases—even death and paralysis. This additive alone was the catalyst for another recent Class Action Lawsuit organized by mothers of children born with autism & the many related behavioral disorders associated with it. Autism is now occurring at levels never seen before in history; depending on the state, its rate is now 1 in 67 to 1 in 150. The autism rates used to be 1 in 20,000. Mercury may also be associated with the significantly increased rates of senility and Alzheimer’s, which is associated with five or more successive flu vaccinations. Although most mercury (thimerosal) has been removed from children’s vaccines, it is still in all flu vaccines at toxic doses.
• Tri(n)butylphosphate,
• VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells - linked to the SV-40 virus known to cause leukemia
• Washed sheep red blood cells

*This data is available via:

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